Have You Ever Played Friv Games?

What the heck are Friv Games?

If you haven’t heard of friv games then I can’t exactly blame you. I’ve been playing on playfrivgames.org for the past week and I am hooked, but how long that will last I don’t know. I only found out about these kind of games a week ago. They are free online games that you can play with your friends called friv.

If you are on the computer and find yourself bored I highly recommend checking them out. The type of games you will find are similar to those on your iphone (or android) as they are very simple but highly addictive. I have found myself lately being bored playing on my xbox console and playing the free online games has just been fun.

Often I think we get sucked into thinking that games need to be high tech. There is definitely a place for high tech games but they don’t necessarily need to be high tech. The most important thing about a game is that it’s enjoyable to play and entertaining. Isn’t that the whole point of gaming that you are entertained? I love consoles but some of the games are more frustrating that fun at times. So I thought I would share this quick post to talk about Play Friv Games to let you know how cool they are.

Other sources for online gaming are Addicting Games and of course everyones favourite the giant that is miniclip – Personally I am enjoying friv the most.

Speak soon!

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